Cleaning Acid-Etched and Sandblasted Glass

Items Required:

Glass Cleaner • Clean Rag or Paper Towel • Lacquer thinner • Magic Eraser


There are two types of stains that may appear on Acid-Etched and Sandblasted glass which require special cleaning instructions due to their unique manufacturing process. Clear stains may appear once the plastic protection is removed from the glass. Finishing stains may appear if the plastic protection around the glass is perforated which can result from the application of a primer or any other finishing product such as paint, varnish or stain. These stains can be cleaned using the instructions below:

  1. Apply a small amount of lacquer thinner on a clean white rag or paper towel and proceed by lightly scrubbing the stained areas. Do not make any contact with the wood.
  2. Allow the glass to dry in order to ensure that the stains have completely disappeared. If the stains have disappeared then complete the cleaning with a glass cleaner.
  3. If stains have not been removed by the process above then use a Magic Eraser. Lightly wet the Magic Eraser and scrub the glass where the stains are persistent. Do not make any contact with the wood. Once the stains have been removed complete the cleaning using a glass cleaner.
  4. Steps 1 to 3 may need to be repeated until the stains completely disappear.
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