Staining Instructions

Items Required:

Standard 2 1/2 inch Poly brush or HVLP (high velocity low pressure) Sprayer • Fine grit sandpaper (#180, #240, #320) • Oil based primer • Tack or Cheese cloth


  1. Do not remove plastic on any glass door with wood moulding.
  2. For the following doors adhesive tape must be applied since there is no plastic on the glass. These doors include; one lite tempered glass, brass, leaded, or zinc lites, and thermo glass for exterior doors.
  3. Depending on the type of wood and the roughness of the surface, select your fine grit sandpaper and apply to the entire surface of the door in order to remove any oils, dirt or marks. Sanding must be done in the direction of wood grain to avoid scratching the wood on the door.
  4. The following procedures are recommending for finishing:
  5. Apply paint, varnish, or stain in the wood grain direction. Finish all six sides of the door including under the hinges.  a) AVOID WATER BASE PRODUCTS
    b) To Paint: Apply first coat of oil primer
    c) To Varnish: Use oil base
    d) To Stain: Use oil or solvent base
    e) AVOID SPRAY BOOTHS: Do not finish glass doors by running them through a spray booth, otherwise the glass surface will become damaged.
  6. All instructions recommended from the painting, staining or varnishing manufacturer must be followed.
  7. Exterior doors should be touched up with a finishing product once a year.
  8. After painting, varnishing, or staining door, use a sharp utility knife to cut along perimeter of glass. To remove plastic, place a straight smooth edge against glass, peel-off one corner and pull plastic towards you.
  9. Repeat step 8 on all other panes of glass and on the opposite side of the glass if applicable.
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