Trim Collections

Introducing our premium trim collections, comprising of seven popular combinations to  streamline your decision-making process.

Trim Collections

Introducing the Royal Door Trim Moulding Package Collections! We take great pride in presenting our carefully curated selection of 7 trim collections, which have been meticulously crafted using insights from our seasoned sales team and the creative input of industry design experts. We’re delighted to present these pre-chosen trim collections, spanning from traditional to contemporary to modern styles, all designed to streamline your decision-making process.

Each collection comes in three options: Standard, Upgraded, and Royal. 

All collections are stocked for same-day pickup and are in solid Poplar. Special orders can be made in different wood species.

Our Seven Trim Collections

Step Bevel

Our step bevel profile has been carefully crafted to suit the needs of any type of home style, from modern to established, this profile is ideal. It pairs perfectly with our raised panels, shaker profile, or flush doors. Embrace versatility and style with our most popular profile option.

Step Inspired

Offering a timeless elegance akin to the classic step bevel design but with added refinement. These one-piece profiles feature built-in backband for quick and hassle-free installation. Ideal for those seeking an elegant upgrade, perfectly complementing both transitional and established homes, especially when paired with our raised panel or shaker doors.

Sleek Bevel

By smoothing out the jagged lines we created a flowing sleek bevel which effortlessly achieves modern sophistication, designed to be the perfect choice for transitional or modern spaces. Elevate your flush or shaker panel doors with this sleek, cutting-edge option.

Modern Flat

Embrace minimalism with our modern flat profile, the pinnacle of a simplicity that is a catalyst for contemporary design. Perfectly complementing flush or shaker doors, these profiles bring a seamless, modern touch to any space.

Modern Groove

Enhance your home with the distinct style of our modern grooved profile with flush or shaker doors, to create a contemporary space. The simple design works beautifully with or without backband, making them a versatile choice for modern spaces.


Trust the established elegance with our colonial profile, the perfect choice for traditional or classic style homes. Its timeless design beautifully pairs with raised panel doors, infusing enduring charm into any space. To further customize your look, we offer three backband options in various sizes, perfectly complementing this time-tested trim and ensuring it elevates your home with unmatched versatility.


Our beautifully crafted ornament profile adds an exquisite and distinctive touch to any home, perfectly pairing with raised panel doors. They seamlessly blend in spaces that celebrate unique aesthetic choices, allowing you to craft a truly distinctive and captivating atmosphere. Customization is key, choose from our three backband alternatives, each available in different sizes. These selections seamlessly complement our well-established trim, ensuring your home radiates a classic elegant look.

Don’t see a combination you’re looking for? Feel free to mix and match pieces to create your own.

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