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Standard Door Sizes

Our door sizes options are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, providing solutions that seamlessly integrate with various architectural styles and spatial requirements. From standard sizes to customizable dimensions, we offer flexibility to ensure a perfect fit for any project. Our standard door sizes cater to conventional specifications, delivering reliable and efficient solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Standard Door Sizes

12″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
14″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
16″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
18″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
20″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
22″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
24″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”

26″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
28″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
30″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
32″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
34″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”
36″ X 80″ X 1 3/8”

Standard Exterior Door Sizes

32″ X 80″ X 1 3/4”
34″ X 80″ X 1 3/4”
34″ X 82″ X 1 3/4”
36″ X 80″ X 1 3/4”
36″ X 84″ X 1 3/4”

Interior doors are also available in 1 3/4” thickness. Custom sizes also available. 


Mortise & Tenon

Mortise and tenon joints are fundamental components in woodworking and carpentry, renowned for their strength, durability, and timeless elegance. These classic joinery techniques have stood the test of time, remaining indispensable in constructing furniture, doors, windows, and various wooden structures tenon, blind mortise and tenon, and wedged mortise and tenon, allowing our customers to choose the style that best suits their project.



Wood Species

Experience the diverse beauty and functionality of our premium wood species. Each species offers its unique characteristics, from the clear grain of pine to the rustic knots of knotty pine, allowing you to bring your design visions to life with elegance and distinction. Whether you seek the traditional warmth of oak or the durability of cedar, our selection ensures superior quality and versatility for your projects.

*Other wood species available upon request.


Handling & Care

Discover the art of preserving elegance with our Handling and Care Instructions. From cleaning tips to routine maintenance, this guide ensures your doors and trims maintain their royal allure, providing enduring beauty for years to come. Delve into our comprehensive Handling and Care Instructions, meticulously designed to safeguard the longevity and allure of your investment. Learn the art of routine maintenance, cleaning rituals, and expert tips, ensuring your Royal Door and Trim experience remains as regal as day one.

Cleaning Acid-Etched and Sandblasted Glass

If your product with “acid etched” or “sandblasted” glass experiences dripping or scuffing during painting or installation, it might appear damaged, but following the easy steps in this video will restore it to its pristine condition!

Removing Plastic Protection from Glass Doors

Plastic protection is applied to most of our glass doors in order to reduce the risks of stains that can dirty the glass. Please remove the plastic protection once your door has been completely finished.

Priming Instructions

Priming Perfection: Unleash the Potential with Our Step-by-Step Priming Instructions. 

Staining Instructions

Follow Our Staining Instructions for Royal Door and Trim Transformation.

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