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Since Nature uniquely creates wood, you will never find two pieces of wood, even from the same tree, that are exactly alike. Due to the differences in natural colour and grain, each piece of wood will react differently to the finishing materials used. This means that you may notice a slight difference in colour between several pieces. In addition, sound knots, slight surface cracks, and other imperfections are not seen as defects. These differences are natural characteristics of true wood products.

The Royal Door Ltd. Warranty

Our products are manufactured by hand using high quality material in an environmentally controlled plant. Royal Door warranties its doors for one (1) year from the shipping date on the invoice. Wood products such as doors are susceptible to expansion, contraction and/or warping which are caused by extreme variations in humidity and temperatures. Warping can also result from different temperature conditions from either side of the doors, such as air conditioning. Western or southern exterior doors that have no overhang require more maintenance because they are subjected to the direct elements of nature and a lot of sunlight. Hence it is important that you examine your door’s finish on a regular basis. If the finish is fading, then you will need to reapply it. This warranty applies only if the following care and handling instructions have been followed correctly:

  1. Doors should be handled with proper care. They should not be dragged across the floor or other surfaces. They should be lifted, eliminating any sliding of one door on the other.
  2. Do not walk on doors.
  3. Under no circumstances should the unfinished doors get wet prior to staining or painting because every drop of water will leave a permanent stain on the wood. Failure to adhere to this notice, will result in the warranty being null and void.
  4. Doors must be stored in a dry and well ventilated room, not in a damp or freshly drywalled or plastered environment where they are subject to abnormal and varying temperatures and humidity. Do not expose doors to direct sunlight. Store them at least four (4) feet from heat sources and flat on a level surface supported in at least three [3) places. To prepare doors for installation, store them flat on a dry level surface at average room temperature for several days. If doors are stored at the jobsite, all six sides of the doors (front, back, top, bottom, and both sides) need to be sealed with a high-quality oil base sealer within 48 hours to prevent moisture absorption. Doors should be inspected annually and refinishing should be applied as often as is needed to protect the integrity of the finish and to keep the doors looking great.
  5. When finishing a glass door, the panes must be covered with masking tape in order to prevent them from being scratched permanently by sandpaper. Once the doors have been finished the plastic film protection must be removed immediately to prevent difficulty removing it or causing any damage to the glass.
  6. When finishing a wood door, a light sanding of the entire door with 180 grit sandpaper is required. Sanding helps open the grain to enhance the finish penetration and remove dirt or handling marks from the door.
  7. It is recommended that an oil based primer be used when painting either a finger joint or a veneer pine door. This prevents the finger joints from bleeding through the paint and the veneer from lifting. In addition, when finishing solid pine doors for exterior use, a tanning blocking primer should be applied prior to painting to avoid resin bleeding through the finished door surface.
  8. Use three hinges for doors that are less than 84” or 7 feet in height. Doors greater than 84” or 7 feet require four hinges.
  9. Exterior doors must be protected from the elements by an overhang of at least six (6) feet.
  10. In order to maintain the structural strength of a door, a maximum of ¼” is permitted for fitting in length and width taken equally from two (2) sides of the door.
  11. If there were to be a problem with any of our doors, all complaints should be reported to an authorized dealer within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise and before any installation work is started on the door. The dealer must contact us immediately. Transportation and labour to replace and refinish defective doors are at the customer’s expense.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Surface Grain Separation.
  2. Natural grain & colour variations found in wood products.
  3. On any unfinished interior and exterior doors that have become wet after leaving our manufacturing facility.
  4. On any exterior doors that have been painted or stained with dark colours such as black, red or dark brown.
  5. On doors greater than 36” x 84”.
  6. On any interior doors that have been installed for exterior use.
  7. On any exterior doors that are out-swinging.
  8. Our door panels are free floating and can become misaligned because of the natural process of expansion and contraction of wood. This can be remedied simply by tapping lightly the panels back into place. Some refinishing might be required.
  9. Damages caused by failure to comply with the care and handling instructions.
  10. Product abuse.
  11. Doors that are improperly installed.
  12. Non-alignment or bow in the frame or jamb in which the door is hung.
  13. Damages caused by persons, other than the manufacturer, attempting to make repairs to the door.
  14. Doors whose basic structure has been changed.
  15. Doors that have a warp or twist that does not exceed ¼”. This does not include doors that exceed 36″ x 84″.
  16. Any transportation, refinishing, and rehanging expenses.

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